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Our training programmes are governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired organizational culture.

The values to be upheld are as outlined below; -

1. Commitment to duty and responsibility – We willingly and competently discharge our duties and responsibilities.

2. Teamwork – we embrace teamwork and collaborate with all stakeholders in the provision of quality training.

3. Professionalism – We adhere to the code of regulations and ethics so as to discharge our duties competently and skillfully.

4. Ethics and integrity – Honesty, accountability and transparency are our guiding principles.

5. Respect for Human Rights – we are committed to upholding the universal charter for human rights.

6. Respect for the law of the land – we are committed to respecting the rule of law in all our undertakings.

7. Respect for the institutes rules and regulations – As a community we are governed by the institutes’ rules and regulations that enable us to achieve the best working environment.

8. Courtesy – we shall strive to be courteous to all people at all times

9. Social Responsibility – we believe that it is quite in order to give something back as a token of appreciation for the support the community has accorded us.

10. Cleanliness and Environment - In order to achieve a healthy life and a conductive learning environment, we are committed to upholding high levels of hygiene and cleanliness within our surroundings.

11. Gender Sensitivity - We accord equal opportunities to both sexes.

12. Concern for the physically challenged - We are committed to providing training to all learners including those with special needs.

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Wote Technical Training Institute

Phone: 020-2624243

Mobile: +254728658649

P.O Box 377-90300,

Makueni, Kenya

Email: info@wotetti.ac.ke


Bank Details

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd

Account No; 1105324559


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Free WiFi

Wi-Fi available.


Ample Parking Space Available for staff and visitors


Well equiped library

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Well equiped resource center

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